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UDC (Mst Fardushi Aakter -Udayekta-Jajira Senerchar Union Digital  Center ), Phone- 01799840078, e-mail-udcsenerchar2@gmail.com

What is UDC and why ? Union information and service center is a state-of-the-art information technology center (telecentre) set up in the Union Council, which aims at ensuring information service to grassroots people. From this center, people of rural areas get life and livelihood information and necessary services in their home environment very easily. On November 11, 2010, Honorable Prime Minister inaugurated all the Union Information and Service Centers (UISC) across the country through video conferences from the Prime Minister of his office and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the former Prime Minister of New Zealand Mr Helen Clark, Bhar Karaikumukhi union of Bhola district. About 40 lakh people are receiving information and services from these centers. Through the UISC, the public and private services are getting a very positive change in the life of the local people through easy, fast and low cost. The UISC started its journey in front of the 'People at the Doorsteps' program. With the establishment of the UISC, it has been possible to create a free flow of information in every state of the society and the state system, where people are not going to door to door to serve them, but reaching the service is reaching the doorstep of the people. Free flow of information is one of the prerequisites for empowering the public. The establishment of information and service centers in 4,501 union parishads of the country has opened the way for information and services at the earliest, including participation in the free flow of rural people. A UISC has more than one computer and related materials to ensure better information services for the public, which has been phased out and is being done. The UISC material comes from entrepreneurial investment and Union Council funds (Revenue Sector and LGSP Project). A computer with a minimum stabilizer, a black screen printer, a color printer, a modem for connecting online, a scanner, a UI camera can be started initially with a digital camera. Union Information and Service Centers have been established based on PPPP (Public-Private-People's Partnership) model. There are two local youth entrepreneurs in each UISC, among them a man and a woman. UISC operates these entrepreneurs. In some centers, along with a woman and a male entrepreneur, another woman and man are working as 'alternative entrepreneurs'. Entrepreneurs are not UISC's salaried employees, income of each UISC entrepreneur income The entrepreneur at the UISC is also an investor. Partnerships or partnerships: UISCs are managed under the leadership of Local Government Division. Under the guidance of the Cabinet Division and the management of the local administration, other activities including the supervision of UISC are conducted. The training of UISC's required ICT tools and skills for the entrepreneurship comes from the LGD and Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC). BCC also provided solar panels in 1013 uninterrupted unions and brought all the Union Parishad under electricity. Apart from this, many other institutions like Bin-Insurance, Mobile Company, NGO, Education-Research Organization, Hardware-Software Association, are involved with UIC with their services, new skills and technical support. UMS or UISC Acquisition Management System: To make UISC program management or 'UMS' (http://www.e-service.gov.bd/uams/) to create online software for UISC entrepreneurs' income estimation and local administration follow-up has been done. UISC entrepreneurs upload their daily income information here. Blog (uiscbd.ning.com): The UISC blog (uiscbd.ning.com) has been created for quick interaction between entrepreneurs, interactions between themselves and interacting with entrepreneurs and local administration officials. This blog is a powerful online platform for the 4,501 UISC's 9,002 entrepreneurs spread across the country, where the entrepreneurs exchange experiences, identify problems and find solutions, take initiative, work together with shoulder shoulders with local administration , Even getting the opportunity to discuss with policymakers.


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 Mst Fardushi Akter
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